About Us


Duro Drive located in Bangalore, promoted by a group of mechanical Engineers , draws on the 14 years of Marketing and Servicing Experience to meet the Mechanical power transmission requirements. The expertise help the company better understand client requirements and hence deliver a wide variety of Mechanical power Transmission drives depending upon customer specifications and application.
We glad to informing you that we are into suppliers of Worm, Helical gearboxes, Planetary speed reducers & other power transmission products .The features of Planetary drives is as follows:

  • High Torque transmitting upto 25000 Kgm
  • Inline, High efficiency up to 96 % stage
  • High reduction ratio upto 15000:1
  • With stands high impact and shock loads
  • Power saving upto 30 % on the Worm gearboxes
  • Compact, sturdy
  • Low Maintenance
  • For Continuous cyclic operation & many more